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Flower panel "MISS ROYAL" made of Realtouch artificial plants

Flower panel "MISS ROYAL" made of Realtouch artificial plants

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The colors pink and rose symbolize young love, tenderness and longing. The stronger the colors, the more joie de vivre is expressed by the flowers. But even without this knowledge, our Miss Royal convinces with her lush flowers. There is virtually no occasion for which it would not be suitable and even we are surprised again and again how and where this great flower wall unfolds its wonderful effect on the most diverse occasions and in the most diverse rooms.

Each of our floral panel is 100% handcrafted!

📐 Dimension: 60 x 40cm

🌸 Material: artificial silk, plastic

👍 EasyClick mechanism: combine multiple panels to any size

🖼 No maintenance necessary!

💭 Versatile: whether indoors or outdoors, UV-resistant, heat-resistant and moisture-resistant

🔨 Easy to hang: thanks to our stable design with a grid on the back, the panel/picture can be easily glued, screwed or cable-tieed to the wall - even on curved shapes such as pillars

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