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Flower panel "STRAWBERRY DREAM" made of Realtouch artificial plants

Flower panel "STRAWBERRY DREAM" made of Realtouch artificial plants

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Like a warm rain of pink and red roses in the midst of a sea of ​​white flowers.

If you wanted to describe our flower wall Strawberry Dream, these words would probably be the most appropriate.

Our Strawberry Dream captivates with its beauty from a mixture of roses and filigree peonies to a dream in soft pink and strong pink, embedded in white roses.

Strawberry Dream's motto is "Don't dream your life, live your dream!". Order our Strawberry Dream now and set a very special accent in your premises with this wonderful flower wall!

Each of our floral panel is 100% handcrafted!

📐 Dimension: 60 x 40cm

🌸 Material: artificial silk, plastic

👍 EasyClick mechanism: combine multiple panels to any size

🖼 No maintenance necessary!

💭 Versatile: whether indoors or outdoors, UV-resistant, heat-resistant and moisture-resistant

🔨 Easy to hang: thanks to our stable design with a grid on the back, the panel/picture can be easily glued, screwed or cable-tieed to the wall - even on curved shapes such as pillars

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